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Rebuild Kasthamandap- Campaign to Action


Until four decades ago, community engagement was at the heart of the practice of continuing traditional culture and heritage.
Urbanization, relocation and socio factors slowly started dismantling these forms and processes. Community engagement in preserving heritage took a backseat, with state institutions taking over these roles and responsibilities. Traditions and practices in Kathmandu Valley are not just about the tangible heritage, they are intricately connected to the intangible heritage too. And when the community feels a disconnection with these heritages, it eventually will lead to traditional practices being forgotten , and in time will cease to exist.In previous decades tangible heritages too have suffered immense damages but the community always came together to build it back the traditional way. Every member of the community, young and old contributed their skills, their time to build back their heritage, keeping intact the traditional aspect, and at the same time ensuring that the knowledge and skills pass on to the next generation. Their sense of ownership towards that particular heritage motivated their engagement. After the Gorkha Earthquake, more than 780 plus heritage structures suffered immense damage, some require to be rebuilt from the ground up. The need for communities to come together to take ownership and become a part of the rebuilding process has never been so critical as it is now.’Rebuild Kasthmandap’ envisions to reach out to youths in the community to become an agent of change, to rekindle the values community engagement, and to develop a sense of ownership so that they take the lead in building back a part of history that is a part of their lives. The project to build Kasthmandap is just one of the milestones of this campaign. Our ultimate goal is to see communities all over Nepal actively taking the lead in rebuilding efforts of heritage sites.

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