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Birendra Bhakta Shrestha
The source of inspiration for this campaign, Birendra Bhakta Shrestha, is a renowned political leader in his past and an active social worker. He is the Chairperson of Rebuild Kasthamandap.
Baikuntha Manandhar
Vice President
The living legend of Nepal, Baikuntha Manandhar, is the first person to compete in the Olympics from Nepal and also an activist for many causes. He is a valuable member of Rebuild Kasthamandap
Govinda Prasad Adhikari
An active social worker and renowned journalist, Govinda Adhikari, is a dynamic front of Rebuild Kasthamandap. He is the Secretary of Rebuild Kasthamandap.
Riza Joshi
Riza Joshi is an engineering student and a highly enthusiastic member of Rebuild Kasthamandap and also the treasurer of Rebuild Kasthamandap.
Yagyamanpati Bajracharya
His inheritance is the knowledge of heritage of Kathmandu. He is a reputed scholar and an authority of the culture of Kathmandu. He is an invaluable member of Rebuild Kasthamandap.
Dr. Manoharlal Shrestha
A professor of medicine by profession, Dr. Manoharlal Shrestha, is highly driven by passion for the conservation of heritage sites. He is an active member of Rebuild Kasthamandap.
Tejratna Tamrakar
Highly experienced in the renovation, reconstruction and conservation of such monuments, Tejratna Tamrakar, is a knowledgeable member of Rebuild Kasthamandap.
Ganapati Lal Shrestha
A local of that area, Ganapati Lal Shrestha, is a very passionate social worker and activist. He is a passion-driven member of Rebuild Kasthamandap.
Basanta Shrestha
The Chairman of Maru Twaa Pucha, Basanta Shrestha, is a local of Maru Tol with a good relation with all locals. He is an energetic member of Rebuild Kasthamandap.
Sumana Shrestha
The founder of Carpool Kathmandu and Medication for Nepal, Sumana Shrestha, is a heritage preservation activist. She is a multitalented member of Rebuild Kasthamandap.
Alok Tuladhar
A freelance documentation expert by profession, Alok Siddhi Tuladhar, is a heritage preservation who has dedicated his valuable time to be a part of Rebuild Kasthamandap.
Alina Tamrakar
Alina Tamrakar, an architect and heritage preservation enthusiast, is a highly motivated member of Rebuild Kasthamandap.
Gajendra Manandhar
Member Secretary
A valued member of Rebuild Kasthamandap, Gajendra Tamrakar is the member secretary of Kendriya Manandhar Sangh.
Ambika Shrestha
A renowned Tourism Entrepreneur, Ambika Shrestha is a passionate heritage conservation activist. She is a dynamic member of Rebuild Kasthamandap.
Suman Shrestha
A social and heritage preservation activist, Suman Shrestha, is a dedicated member of Rebuild Kasthamandap
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